In this recap of episode 7 of The Bachelorette, we’re talking about:

– Exploring Amsterdam with Jed, what happened when he didn’t have his guitar, and Jed thinking they’re English? (They’re American, btw.)

– Expressing feelings and why it’s important to learn how to do this

– The phrase “man up,” and how we freakin’ hate it and frankly, doesn’t make sense

– Connor’s unsurprising exit after visiting Hannah’s room

– Hannah’s EXCELLENT communication skills in this episode

– Tyler’s 1:1 – his fear of horses + herring, him opening up, and Hannah’s desire to see the “dirty and raw” (we wanna see it too, Hannah!)

– Mike’s 1:1 – #MikeForBachelor – how Mike had the most gracious, articulate and mature exit we’ve ever seen (seriously, go Mike!)

– Luke P., Garrett, & Peter’s Group Date with Luke’s massive manipulation and seeing his lying in real time.

If through watching Luke P. or hearing us discuss this episode (among others) and have realized that there’s abuse in your life, you’re not alone.

Call 1−800−799−7233 or go to to chat with someone who can help right now.

Did you miss last week’s episode? Check it out here:


Many of The Bachelor franchise’s existing recap episodes are hosted by current or previous contestants of the show. While they do offer incredible insights on HOW the show works (which is super awesome), they, unfortunately, don’t have the best handle on actual relationship skills, mental health, or intimacy—and how those factors could affect their ‘performance’ on the show.
That’s where we step in.
As co-founders of Wright Wellness Center, a leading voice in relationships, sex, and mental health, we’re jumping into the conversation to talk about REAL relationship skills through the framework of a reality TV show… about relationships. The Wright Reasons Podcast is your Bachelor equivalent of a Sports Center recap of last night’s game.
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