In this exciting recap of episode 5 of The Bachelorette, we’re talking about:

  • The last round of Luke on Luke violence
  • Cameras vs. No Cameras and how we’re loving the 4th wall breaks this season
  • Mike’s 1:1 date with Hannah (we’re still voting #mikeforbachelor)
  • Tyler C. still being the sexy beast that he is
  • The dynamic of the group date without the abuser (and why that’s important)
  • Waxing axes, running with milk and other “manly” concepts like wrestling with your butt showing >> and how we feel about this
  • Kevin’s realization that he’s definitely going home soon (after watching Jed!)
  • Who we think the top 3 will be
  • Luke’s 1:1 Date, the gaslighting, manipulation, and why we don’t feel bad for him (when lots of other people on social media apparently do)

If through watching Luke P. or hearing us discuss this episode (among others) and have realized that there’s abuse in your life, you’re not alone.

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Many of The Bachelor franchise’s existing recap episodes are hosted by current or previous contestants of the show. While they do offer incredible insights on HOW the show works (which is super awesome), they, unfortunately, don’t have the best handle on actual relationship skills, mental health, or intimacy—and how those factors could affect their ‘performance’ on the show.
That’s where we step in.
As co-founders of Wright Wellness Center, a leading voice in relationships, sex, and mental health, we’re jumping into the conversation to talk about REAL relationship skills through the framework of a reality TV show… about relationships. The Wright Reasons Podcast is your Bachelor equivalent of a Sports Center recap of last night’s game.
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