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Heather Martin went on The Bachelor and created a stir because she had never been kissed. During her time on the show she: made new friends, had her first kiss, traveled around the world, and had a damn good time doing it — and now she’s here to tell us all about it.

We’re so thrilled to share our interview with Heather with you!

In this episode we talk all about:

  • What her actual job is (the show told us it was “never been kissed”)
  • How she ended up on the show, prepared to go on, and how she felt about Colton being The Bachelor
  • How Night 1 was emotionally for her (including who was in her limo!)
  • What it was like to have no phone, be around no one she knew, going on group dates, and eating around the world
  • How having her first kiss on National TV felt (and what it was like to watch it all back!)
  • Why she decided to leave and how it felt to come home
  • What it’s been like integrating back into ‘real life’ after the show
  • Her advice for someone who wants to go on the show and what she could change about her time… if she could.
  • Her favorite off-screen memory from the show, hair tips
  • ….. and is she going on Bachelor in Paradise!??!


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