On this episode, we’re talking to the redhead who made waves on this season of The Bachelor by being herself.

We’re getting into ALL THE THINGS with Elyse Dehlbom.

We’re talking all about:

  • Her life before The Bach and how she ended up on the show
  • How she learned she was going on the show and what she thought about Colton
  • How the virginity thing played into the season IRL
  • What night one was like on an emotional level
  • How the deprivation of “normal” coping mechanisms played into her experience
  • What it was like to be around 29 stunning women dating the same dude
  • Her amazing 1:1 date and what it was like to share such an emotional story on national TV
  • When she first thought about leaving the show and why
  • How the break up actually went down
  • What it’s been like to integrate back into “real life” post-Bachelor
  • What she’s up to post-Bach and how we can all cheer her on.

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