Devin Harris was on Hannah Brown’s season and from what we saw on our TVs stayed pretty quiet unless it had to do with Luke P. Well, Devin has a lot more to say and a lot more to him than just the outspoken, well-dressed man we saw during Hannah’s ‘Men Tell All’ episode. Devin is a wonderful, caring, down-to-earth guy with a mission to help men.

We’re so thrilled to share our interview with Devin with you!

In this episode we talk all about:

  • How Devin ended up on the show — he didn’t apply himself…
  • How he ended up on the show, prepared to go on, and how he felt about Hannah being The Bachelorette
  • How Night 1 was emotionally for him (including who was in his limo!)
  • What it was like to have no phone, be around no one he knew, going on group dates, and living with Luke P.
  • What it felt like to go home when he did
  • What it’s been like integrating back into ‘real-life’ after the show
  • What actually happened at the Men Tell All taping and why he went to talk to Luke
  • What he would change about his time on the show (this may surprise you!)
  • His favorite off-screen memories from the show
  • What his goals are post-show and how we can all cheer him on

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